The case for eco-fascism

“Environmentalism is fascism” some neoliberal capitalists will tell you and I say yes, they’re right.

Nationalism has to be tied to the love for your country and the environment you live in. What better way to fight climate change that a unified national effort? What better way to fight climate change than the rejection of materialism and the promotion of spiritual values instead, like nationalism and religion? What better way to punish serious environmental polluters than fascism?

Leftists will tell you that climate change can only be fought with international effort. I agree up to a point, but this international effort shouldn’t undermine the national effort. The leftist and liberal globalist mindset creates a multicultural, monstrous society with unrestricted freedom, low social trust, low cooperation, rejection of spirituality and promotion of materialism as well as nihilism. Leftists who believe socialism is the ideal to fight climate change would have to answer for the creation of nuclear weapons of the Soviet Union.

Nationalism and fascism promote unity and can motivate people to achieve great things. They can motivate people to protect the environment. They can restrict capitalism and the consumerist mindset.


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